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Score: 1/5 Vertalen

"Really disappointed with this product. The instructions were so poor I had to seek further advice from the company. It took ages to put up and then blew down within a week even though assembly instructions were followed. Managed to put it back together but it has fallen down four times since -frame is cheap and flimsy."

beoordeeld maandag 11 februari 2019

Score: 1/5 Vertalen

"Instructions poor quality. Print not great. Larger clearer print would have been better. If you have tiny hand your ok. I found putting it together a real nightmare not a job for 2 people 3/4 would be better. The structure quite flimsy too. Once erect ok but would not recommend to put up with only 2 people or if a slight wind."

beoordeeld vrijdag 18 mei 2018

Score: 1/5 Vertalen

"read comments on first page."

beoordeeld maandag 30 april 2018

Score: 1/5 Vertalen

"Caused a lot of confusion when trying to put the greenhouse up."

beoordeeld vrijdag 2 maart 2018

Score: 1/5 Vertalen

"I have built greenhouses many times but this one is probably the worst I have ever come across. It initially turned up in a damaged box which I spent an hour checking. The instructions on building the unit may have been in Swahili as they were absolutely useless, drawings not clear no sequence to the build. They didn,t advice about putting extra screws into the channels to save putting it up to have to take it down an hour later. Parts of the greenhouse that did not fit and as a result I have had to leave them off. To build this too the best part of 15 hours and I am certainly not a novice with this type of product. I can clearly state that this is the worst 199 I have ever spent and the product is not fit for sale as it is. I am now stuck with this as I managed to put it up in a fashion and I have my fingers crossed that it will last more than a week."

beoordeeld zondag 13 april 2014