Chamberlain Easy-load Houten Compostbak - Medium - 530 liter

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Chamberlain Easy-load Houten Compostbak - Medium - 530 liter
Gemakkelijk Vullen... en Gemakkelijk Legen

De Chamberlain Easy-Load Houten Compost Bak -

Zoals gezien in tijdschrift Home and Garden 09-2013, Het Groene Hart

Inhoud 530 Liter

Eindelijk, een traditioneel houten compostbak die gemakkelijk te legen is direct uit uw kruiwagen – voor een redelijke prijs.
Ontworpen door "Koningin van de Moestuin," Wendy Chamberlain.

De nieuwe Easy-Load compost bak heeft verwijderbare latten aan de voorkant:

  • Gemakkelijk direct te vullen vanuit uw kruiwagen
  • Gemakkelijk kant-en-klare compost vanaf de bodem scheppen.

Het Probleem:
Het grote probleem met compostbakken is... Hoe te vullen? En... Hoe te legen?
Plastic bakken hebben een klein gat aan de bovenkant (probeer daar maar eens uw kruiwagen in te legen!) en een klein gat aan de onderkant (zodat u een piepklein beetje compost van de bodem kunt schrapen met uw troffel).
Houten compostbakken met latten, redelijk geprijst, moeten compleet ontmanteld worden om de compost eruit te krijgen of om direct vanuit uw kruiwagen te vullen.

De Oplossing - de Chamberlain Easy-Load Compost Bak
Verwijderbare latten aan de voorkant zorgen voor gemakkelijke toegang voor het vullen of legen van de bak.

U kunt elke combinatie van de latten aan de voorkant verwijderen zodat u
Alleen de onderkant kunt bereiken, of alleen de bovenkant of de gehele voorkant.
Ontworpen voor een goede doorluchting en luchtcirculatie om het compostproces te helpen versnellen.
Gemaakt van behandeld grenen met een zeer aantrekkelijke glad geschaafde afwerking.

Ook verkrijgbaar: Easy-Load Houten Compost Bak - Groot – KLIK HIER

Ook verkrijgbaar: Easy-Load Houten Compost Bak - Klein – KLIK HIER

Ook verkrijgbaar: Easy-Load Houten Compost Bak – Extra Groot – KLIK HIER

Wordt plat verpakt afgeleverd – gemakkelijk te assembleren.

Hoogte: 65cm; Lengte: 92cm; Diepte: 92cm

Klanten Feedback
Score: 1/5 Vertalen

"I bought the first one which came quick, but once i got it the wood was soaking wet, even the driver said the wood was really heavy and wet. Now i know it gets wet outside, but i would like it to be dry first, so i can put the screws in, this wood was that wet the screws would not have gripped. I rang Primrose and they said that it was dry from them and it was the Carriers fault, so they organised to pick up the wet one and replace it with another. The next day the carrier came (same carrier) and took the wet one away, the day after the second one turned up (same carrier), and the bloke carried it in and he slid it off his shoulders, onto the floor with the sound of a big CRACK, i said to the driver that i hope you haven't broken it, which i couldn't see with it being all wrapped up. After he went i cut off the wrapping and found this one to be soaking wet as well, and also broken from the driver putting it down. I rang Primrose and had a talk with this women who apologised, and offered to replace it with a third one, to which i said no to as after the last two i just didn't want to chance it being soaking wet and broken again. In the end i received £19.99 back in a refund, and after a very long time drying out, i cut off all the broken pieces, and used them in the bottom of a planter for slats."

beoordeeld woensdag 27 februari 2019

Score: 5/5 Vertalen

"Exactly what was expected, good value, good size."

beoordeeld woensdag 13 februari 2019

Score: 4/5 Vertalen

"Eine Bauanleitung o.ä. wäre schön gewesen. Haben uns das Bild im Shop angesehen und danach gebaut. Die vorderen Leisten sind etwas labil an den Einhänger (Bruchgefahr). Ansonsten sind wir bisher sehr zufrieden. Sollten die dann mal erneuert werden müssen - Die neuen gibt es ja hier!"

beoordeeld dinsdag 4 december 2018

Score: 5/5 Vertalen

"A solid compost bin, which is pressure treated, so should last for years. One side is removable, which is very useful for filling and emptying the bin. This is the second one I’ve bought."

beoordeeld zaterdag 17 november 2018

Score: 3/5 Vertalen

"They are ok, do the job. The timber is rough sawn of mediocre quality. Would not expect expensive timber to be used but a lot of knots a couple of which broke off during assembly"

beoordeeld vrijdag 16 november 2018

Score: 5/5 Vertalen

"Easy to assemble, clear instructions, all screws and even a wee screwdriver included!!"

beoordeeld donderdag 15 november 2018

Score: 5/5 Vertalen

"Easily assembled, especially the second one. Looks good (for years to come I hope) and good value for money."

beoordeeld donderdag 8 november 2018

Score: 2/5 Vertalen

"No written instructions regarding assembly"

beoordeeld maandag 22 oktober 2018

Score: 3/5 Vertalen

"Matters didn't start well, as the goods (2 compost bins) were left where I'd asked them to be put if I was OUT. But, I was IN; the courier just hadn't bothered to ring the bell - and it IS a loud ring! Upon unwrapping the two items I found them to be dripping wet - not just damp, but water actually running out. How long they'd been in that condition is impossible to say, but this was during the very long hot spell of 2018! They were so wet and swollen they had to be stood to dry out for 3 days before they could be assembled. One can only imagine the poor storage conditions at Primrose. There are no assembly instructions - one is advised to find a relevant pdf on Primrose's website, except that what is shown bears no relationship whatsoever to the product supplied. Is there no-one at primrose who takes responsibility for the accuracy of these matters? The best advice I can offer is to study the photo of a completed bin on the website, then the process becomes fairly straightforward. The parts themselves fit together quite well, (use a mallet) those that are already not broken that is. It was necessary to repair (glue and screw) seven bin front angled members before they could be used. Fully assembled, each bin was placed upon a double course of bricks to raise it above soil level, thus, hopefully, extending its life. At least, that's the theory! Overall, and very much taking into consideration the price, these bins are quite adequate and should give good service for a few years. Not, I would add in my opinion, the 15 years claimed by Primrose - they are not THAT good, quality wise. But, as with everything, time will tell."

beoordeeld donderdag 11 oktober 2018

Score: 4/5 Vertalen

"This is exactly what I wanted."

beoordeeld dinsdag 9 oktober 2018

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